Realizing competent, professional, competitive Diploma of Nursing Study Program at national and global levels which is excellence in nursing service practices, especially in the field of emergencies based on research application at the ASEAN level in 2035


  1. Organizing vocational education to produce intermediate expert nursing practitioners who are excellence in nursing practice, especially in the field of emergencies based on national, moral and religious values
  2. Carry out Evidence Based Practice research in nursing service practice, especially in the field of emergency
  3. Organizing community service based on result of research that can be felt by the community
  4. Developing competent human resource to realize professionalism through education and training
  5. Developing a cooperation network in both national and global that supports the development of Higher Education Tri Dharma


  1. Achieve quality assurance of quality nursing education
  2. Produce graduates of intermediate experts nursing who are skilled in emergency and basic critical field
  3. Achieve the implementation of applicable research in the field of quality nursing
  4. Achieve quality nursing and health service in the community
  5. Generate good cooperation with related institutions to support the improvement of the quality of nursing education and its graduates.