The scientific vision developed is to becomeb a study program that produces health promoters who are competent, competitive and superior in the field of community empowerment, especially the application of natural behavior (back to nature) leading to excellence in research in 2035 at the ASEAN level


  1. Organizing vocational education processes in the field of Health Promotion that is able to produce human resources who is qualified, excellent, and able to compete globally based on religious, moral, and national values.
  2. Carrying out and developing research that supports the development of health promotion science.
  3. Carrying out community service by utilizing the latest technology and research results in order to improvepublic health status.
  4. Developing a cooperation network with health institutions and other educational institutions in supporting the improvement of the tridarma activities quality in higher education
  5. Developing academicians professionalism of study program towards the national and global level in ASEAN.
  1. Producing health promoters who are qualified, competent and have good morals and religion.
  2. Producing research results that encourage the development of science and technology in the field of health promotion.
  3. Producing community service activities that are able to support health development based on the results of the latest research and social responsibility.
  4. Developing the professionalism of the study program's human resources
  5. Producing cooperation and partnership
    with related institutions both local and