To become a competent, professional, competitive and excellent pharmaceutical college based on research and technology in 2035.


  1. Organizing excellent pharmaceutical education in the fields of science, technology, clinical pharmacy, and community pharmacy.
  2. Carrying out excellent, skilled and innovative pharmaceutical higher education to produce quality graduates who are oriented to research and technology
  3. Producing graduates who are able to compete globally in developing science.
  4. Carrying out education, research and community service that is sustainable.
  1. Producing pharmacy graduates with high integrity, virtuous, competent and professional in answering various problems in the field of pharmaceutical science / technology, clinical / community pharmacy and being able to compete in the globalization era.
  2. Producing research outcome in the pharmaceutical field that contributes to science and technology.
  3. Applying pharmaceutical research result to addresses community and health issues in general.
  4. Establishing cooperative relationships with various stakeholders, especially in the development of science and technology